Tick The Boxes

Tick The Boxes by Anne Elizabeth Bevan

There are people freezing on the streets
But hold press, Katie is getting
A designer vagina, as a Valentine’s gift
To herself no less! My mother will turn
In her grave if she reads this.

Children who can’t concentrate with their empty
Bellies, share a cheap hotel room with the
Rest of their shocked family, but it’s alright
Everyone, relax, Simon Harris wasn’t hurt,
He was able to ring the newspapers before the law.

People who bring in two incomes,
Worked hard since their graduate smiles, share
That hotel room with their sad eyed children, evicted
By Government Agents, with balaclavas and guns,
Hired muscle with northern accents, God Save The Queen!

But it’s alright, no need to worry, the banks were bailed
And the bondholders didn’t get burned, but people
Living in doorways are losing the fight for life, all hope
Dying as they’re spat on and kicked by superior drunken
Louts, whose dads taught them to be gents in better times.

Give the boy a medal, he got elected on the first count,
Taking his father’s seat. The West’s Awake, hear them shout
For their hero. “It’s not right that any man’s home should be taxed”,
He roared as they put their ticks in the boxes,
His promises as false as his crocodile smile.

No messiah has come to save us, we must save ourselves.
The Dáil will drown in motions while the Honourable Deputy
Shakes the hand of those extraordinary thieves who have received
Their promotions, banked their bonuses, turned their faces away,
So far removed they cannot see the crying city streets.

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