My Dear Sweet William Episode Eleven

My beautiful, wonderful, sweet William,

I must first apologize for neglecting you for so long, I am certain it must be three months since I last wrote to you.  But I have much to tell you.  You will remember the invitation I had received to Leelah’s party and then of course there were many wonderful Christmas invitations and some dutiful ones to fulfill.  I met Leelah’s brother in law, Antonio.  Oh dear me William, he is handsome.  I was relieved that he looked nothing like his brother, Leelah’s husband, who, although he is a lovely man, is not easy on the eye; however, Leelah’s says he is a magnificent lover and that is much more important.

I am having such fun with Antonio; his bedroom skills make me blush.  Can you imagine William, I was actually shy at some of the things he suggested, but mostly with the passion of the man.  Apart from you, I have never experienced such intensity.  We take every opportunity to meet and I’m sure the whole of Roman society knows of our dalliance.  We have made love in places where I’m sure we may have been arrested had we been seen, or perhaps there are those who like to watch, as I do.  I must reassure you that although I enjoy Antonio’s company and shiver at his touch, I find him shallow.  He likes to place mirrors in strategic places when we copulate and I feel it is to watch his own prowess rather than to enjoy my beauty from more than one angle.

Unfortunately I must tell you that when I come to New England it will be without Milly.  The inevitable has happened and she is to give birth in late summer.  Of course, this being a Catholic country, she will marry the gardener with haste and then it will not be spoken about again.  It is a common occurrence here in this fiery land or so Leelah tells me.  Milly is jubilant and overjoyed that she is to be married and have a baby and it does seem that she and the gardener have become closer of late.  Of course, if you needed a gardener then perhaps they could both come with me.

If, as you say, your mother is now losing her mind then perhaps it is time for me to make plans to travel to New England.  I’m sure my presence could be kept from her if she is bedridden and you say the house is large.  Please advise me on this William as you are in a position to judge the situation.  If I am to be honest with you, I am boring of the life here and long for a proper relationship and a home of my own.  I know we haven’t spoken of it as such William, but I would expect to be your wife and not just another lover for you.  It is not my intention to be a bored wife as I was with Adam but I do also seek the security that the title brings.  It is something I have not experienced up to now, being happy in a relationship while also having the security of family.  I am beginning to feel homesick for the English weather and New England sounds perfect.

I must finish now as I am to dine with Leelah and her family this evening.  I feel she may be matchmaking on my behalf and trying to secure me as her sister in law but neither I nor Antonio have any intentions in that direction.


Your very own,


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