My Dear Sweet William: Episode Nine

My Dearest William,

It seems my dinner party was a success despite Henry and his boring family.  I am sure they still believe that the party was in their honour.  But never mind, I have more interesting news.  Not three weeks have passed and I have received an invitation to Leelah’s house; she’s throwing a little soiree in my honour to introduce me to the who’s who of Rome.  I am in a tizzy as to what to wear but it definitely won’t be black!

For a time I have been toying with the idea of taking someone local as a lover but I will wait and see what this dinner party has to offer.  I must take care to avoid offending anyone lest I be omitted from the social circle.  Adam always said that I had a talent for annoying old men’s wives.  It seems I will have many invitations for the Christmas party season if Leelah is to be believed.  She is such an amusing lady, so jolly but totally irreverent in that way Italians can be.

Last Saturday Milly and I, being somewhat bored with the day, decided to explore the house a little more.  We had not been to the attic or to that strange room over the gardener’s room.  Both places were dirty but interesting.  In the attic we found trunks of old clothing, I would hazard a guess they are about fifty years old.  There was also a bureau with a collection of writing in a fine scrawl which appeared to be the work of either a mad woman or a woman in love which was unrequited.  I have taken them to my bedroom to read them at night.

The gardener’s room, where the gardener keeps his tools and works from, when he isn’t making love to Milly against the back wall, held nothing unexpected.  However, the room overhead, which is unused, appeared to have been the home of the previous gardener and Milly immediately suggested what a good idea it was to have a gardener live on the premises.  I fear I would not see much work from either of them should he move in there so I have left that decision for another time.  However, it did impress me as the perfect place for a liaison and I wondered why he did not bring Milly here for their love making.  I can only conclude that he knows I am watching and is enjoying being watched.  He is certainly a wonderful sight with his tanned fit body against Milly’s white English skin.

Send me some details on your dalliance with your mother’s nurse, I am starved of intimacy.  I find myself looking forward to the gardener’s escapades with Milly and always make sure I am gone to lie down just before he arrives.  The view from my bedroom window to the garden wall is only marred by one tree which hides nothing.  As they assume I am asleep they become bolder and bolder.  I am becoming quite the voyeur William.  It certainly adds a little spice to my afternoons.

The next time I write I will have met some more of Leelah’s friends and her brother in law, Antonio.  I am hopeful that he is better looking that her husband but if he is as gifted as she claims he is, then that will be fine.

How is your mother?  She is a fine age now William and you speak of her as being strong in mind if not in body.  Have you told her yet that it is I who am writing to you or does she even know that I am now widowed?  It might be wise not to alert her to the fact that I am in Rome during the mourning period.

With much fondness,




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