My Dear Sweet William: Episode Seven

My dearest Eleanor,

I find your letters most amusing, it quite makes my day to see the strong hand on the envelope adorning the breakfast table.  Mother is not amused when I laugh out loud while reading them.  I have taken to bringing them with me on my sojourn around the land after breakfast instead.  There is an old willow that drapes the ground beneath, and I sit here to enjoy your adventures.  I was shocked to read about Milly, how decadent of her, one doesn’t expect a lady’s maid to have so much gumption.  It did make me quite aroused though, as I suspect you knew it would.  I feel we are almost renewing our affair on paper with the intimacies you share.

Mother has asked to know who is writing to me but I am keeping her in suspense.  After all, she would hardly approve of the relationship.  If I could, I would go to Rome to join you and get lost in you forever.  I never expected you to be free or to want to reignite our union, as I feel you are hinting.  I am pleased to do so if you wish but that news may have to be broken to Mother well in advance of your arrival in New England.  She has not yet recovered from the previous scandal fully.

When we first arrived here, Mother and I, many years ago now, Mother became friendly with a couple who live in the city.  She is a lady but he is a confounded nuisance.  He made his money in shipping I believe and constantly needs to tell me, and anyone else who will listen, how wealthy he is.  Gosh darn it Eleanor, one doesn’t speak of such things in polite society.

I believe I must make a clean breast of it with you in regards to things, as we may become a couple in time.  I have been receiving quite a lot of attention from a young lady from the city, a daughter of the man I already spoke of in shipping, respectable and all that.  We have known from a young age that our parents hoped we would make a match of it.  I have neither encouraged nor discouraged this attention, preferring to keep my cards close to my chest.  I will of course, on your instruction, make it clear to the girl that I am not interested, although I suspect she is no more interested than I am.  Also there is the matter of the nurse who attends to Mother and her needs; a wild young thing she is, full of southern charm and quite daring. I have distracted myself with her for some time now.  After all, a man has needs as you well know.  In light of the fact that we are both in a similar situation, I will continue to amuse myself with the nurse and her rather comforting bosoms.  I feel you would be taken with her yourself, if you know understand my meaning.  Perhaps when you visit we might arrange to have the nurse join us in a little after dinner entertainment when Mother has gone to bed.


I eagerly await your response,


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