My Dear Sweet William: Episode Six

Dearest William,

I was delighted to receive your letter this morning; it quite lifted my spirits.  I must admit that I am secretly glad to hear that you have no lady in your life, at least none of note.  I had almost forgotten that you were Adam’s cousin until you mentioned it in your letter.  I know he would not have handled it well had he known of our dalliance. However, that is not an issue as dear Adam is no longer with us and I have no intention of keeping in contact with his daughter.

The boring Henry wrote to me asking if he might call at my convenience.  I declined, saying that it would be more appropriate if he were to come to a little soiree that I intend holding next month.  I asked him to bring whomever he wishes and to let me know how many they would be.  I am also asking my neighbours, both English and Italian.  The Italian lady who lives along the street from us is quite friendly although her husband seems dark and sombre.

I must tell you about my little bit of excitement William.  It was late yesterday afternoon and I decided to stroll in the grounds after my siesta.  It was warm and quiet, with only the birds singing overhead to keep me company.  I stopped by the ornate fountain at the rear of the house to listen to them.  William, what did I hear but some very intimate sounds coming from the small grove of trees by the rear wall.  I tiptoed over so as not to be noticed and, to my surprise, I came upon Milly, my maid, locked in the embrace of the young man who comes in to do our gardening.  It was most erotic; I could feel my body become quite heated with the sight.  Milly was pinned to the garden wall by his fit, tanned body, most of which was on view, while his hand held her skirts up.  I felt quite overcome and immediately felt the need to renew our knowledge of each other.   I had to go lie down for a time to compose myself William, all the while thinking of you and your tall, slim body.

I must go now before I am overcome again and have to seek out the attentions of the gardener!


Write to me soon William.

Your fond cousin,



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