My Dear Sweet William….Episode Five

My dearest William,

It is so very exciting to be in the Holy City at last.  The constant bustle and the oldness of the city are impressed upon me with every glance.  I took a walk early this morning with Milly to familiarize myself with my surroundings.  I find the people lovely, if somewhat loud.  They seem to shout at each other but smile all the while.

I am finding it difficult to dismiss the attentions of Henry; it may have been a mistake to take him to my bed.  It seems he will call upon us when we are settled and introduce me to friends of his family who have homes here.  I do look forward to meeting new people and having something more to think about than the vicar’s weekly visits!

I found the sweetest ginger cat in the courtyard this morning and I’ve decided to keep him.  It seemed like he was waiting for me to arrive.  The house is basic but also beautiful in that way buildings seem to be in sunny places.  Everything is so dreary in England with the constant rain these past two months.

There is a cook and a housemaid and a gentleman who will come in every week to keep the garden looking its best.  It all seems lovely.  Milly is quite excited about the adventure, almost tipsy with the whole idea; I think her head is turned with all these handsome Italian men to look at, she is quite skittish.

Will you write me at this address William and keep me up to date on your life; I would love to know all about your New England life and the exciting times you must have since leaving London.   I find myself thinking of poor Gwen today on her anniversary and know that you too will be remembering her.

I eagerly await your letter,

Your fond cousin,


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