Episode Four: My Dear Sweet William

My Dearest William,

We left London on Saturday for our trip to Italy.  Milly and I have been most careful to keep our plans from the vicar, who no doubt called to make a nuisance of himself on Tuesday, not knowing we had gone; the thought makes me smile.  The crossing was pleasant and the weather accommodating.  We arrive in Rome tomorrow and I must say I am ready for some blue skies and sunshine.

I have taken up with a young English gentleman who is doing the grand tour, and find his enthusiasm most amusing.  I have not felt attractive since losing dear Adam and am enjoying the attention, however brief, of my travelling companion.  I am considering allowing him into my room this evening for a little light relief; very bold of me I know, but one becomes weary of all these social graces when one is young and has needs.  His name is Henry.  I will continue my letter in the morning, and let you know how Henry behaves when not wearing a bow tie.

My dear sweet William, I must report to you that Henry proved quite the disappointment!  If I had stopped breathing during the event he may not have noticed, for he was not concerned for my needs at all.  I found him over anxious, sweaty and needing far too much reassurance on his prowess; I have decided in future to avoid English gentlemen completely.  As I’m not looking for a husband there is no need to consider them at all.  I will put him out of my mind and try to disengage with him for the last leg of the journey.

I am excited to see my new home, at least for the foreseeable future.  I have noticed that Italian men are dark and attractive, including the ones who are not so good looking.  Their passion is overt and pleasing.  I may have to consider a young Italian for my next escapade, gentleman or not.  William, I am still optimistic of finding someone who can help me match the passion of our last encounter; which perhaps was fuelled by its forbidden nature.  Nevertheless, I am hopeful of knowing that heat within myself again.


Your fond cousin,



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