HER NIBS – Head Start

I woke up exhausted today…but in fairness I was full of beans last night when it was time to go to sleep, so I guess I can’t have it every way.  I gave in to the ‘go slow’ that was my morning start and rolled out of bed, literally, my back was aching.  The cat had been scraping the bedroom door for fifteen minutes but when I opened the flipping door, she took off down the stairs and didn’t want anything at all.  Typical cat behaviour for those of you who don’t have one.  Anyway, I hobbled down the stairs, put the kettle on and took my new favourite mug out of the cupboard; it came as a present from Amsterdam last weekend.  Reached for the coffee and ahhhhhh!!! NO COFFEE.  How had this escaped my notice?  What should I do about it?  Would it involve getting dressed?  Could I cope without it for a few hours?  Okay, so it wasn’t that dramatic, but close!  I had nearly as many questions in my head as I had last night when I was trying to sleep.  I did the only thing I could do, I made tea.  I then remembered and regretted making a hair appointment; you’ve got to be in the whole of your health for those places.  People dump their troubles on their poor unsuspecting stylists and sometimes it isn’t the happiest place to spend a couple of hours.  Anyway, I wrote a little ditty while I was sitting in front of the cruelest mirror I’ve ever seen 😦   Here it is.   Let me know if you like it, grazie.

Anne Elizabeth Bevan


Salon ambiance, the sign said,

I wondered what that meant!

The word ambiance beguiled me

with its lyrical bent.

The dryer roared, the phone was shrill,

my head began to pound.

Girls screeched over dinging till,

sights and scents confound!

Smells of bleach and colours mixed

with shampoo, conditioner and oil.

The ambiance was harsh at best,

only the word beguiled.

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